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Customer Journey Mapping Consulting

STOP CREATING CONTENT FOR THE SAKE OF CONTENT.  Before you invest one more dollar in content marketing, let us help you go through the process of customer content journey mapping.  Our customer journey mapping consulting helps you to identify valuable stakeholders and content to increase conversions by mapping your web content to touch points in the sales funnel.  If you’re not focused on the right web content at the right point in the sales funnel you’re not helping your KPIs.

When planning your digital strategy you first need to identify the main business goals and stakeholders in the sales process. Then work to understand every step in the customer journey.  Creating a customer journey map helps match customer buying cycles to your valuable digital assets and identify gaps in your content, ultimately helping you plan and prioritize your content creation and marketing automation timing and assets. 

Developing multiple personas takes valuable time and money.  We think it’s best to “Learn Fast” and quickly build content insights, an action plan, and ultimately data to support your next content investments.  Usually seeing the results of a single customer journey exercise is enough to get your organization excited and focused on developing the right content. 

During the customer journey mapping process, we’ll help you identify the micro steps in a stakeholders journey and then map the stages to supporting content or solutions to make you the brand of choice and move the customer through the sales funnel.  The customer journey map would include each online customer touchpoint from unaware to aware, consideration, evaluation, purchase, support and replacement.

A customer journey workshop is critical component of a successful digital marketing strategy, and helps to identify gaps in your sales process.  I help companies increase revenue by using data-driven insights to understand how customers decide if they should contact you, and improve your odds.

It is a powerful method to understand the brand experience and to see how customers engage with content and go thru the buying cycle to compare and select your products and services.

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Customer journey mapping consulting and workshops help you understand what content for marketing will make your customers successful.

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