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Digital Marketing Consulting Services

At Digital Marketing Fuel our philosophy is to focus on your most valuable customers first, your best prospects second and let the rest come find you.  SO LET’S MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY and do just that. Digital marketing consulting is our specialty and our strength.  We pride ourselves on consistently coaching our clients to define these digital customer segments, understand why they are as valuable as they are and what makes them happy.  Only after you have this information, should you start to form your digital marketing strategy. This is the foundation for building your web presence management, traffic driving tactics, and conversion optimization improvements. No cookie cutter consulting approach here. We take the time to get to know your business and what makes you unique.  We listen when you describe business models, customer segments, unique selling propositions and the digital marketing results and roadblocks you’ve encountered. Our objective is to learn your business and optimize your existing strategy and coach you thru the process of creating a new one to prioritize your short and long term efforts to meet your digital goals.  This doesn’t always need to be a big project, it can be a quick consultation or a refocus of efforts.

We optimize digital strategies with your current business objectives, targets, and KPIs.

  • Leverage 15+ years of creating digital marketing consulting strategies & planning.
  • Provide actionable recommendations to increase valuable web traffic and defined conversions (AKA most wanted actions).
  • Develop website strategy and plan.
  • Help drive execution to attain stated goals and growth.
  • Review your site’s assets, and team’s skills and gaps.
  • Identify valuable topics that provide high quality visitors.
  • Map digital paths to increase conversions and avoid roadblocks.
  • A complete review of your website, social media, email, SEO, SEM, digital content marketing, and image advertising programs.

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Let us help you optimize your strategy and get the boost you need to meet your demanding KPIs and Digital Marketing Targets.

$299 Digital Marketing Assessment

This is a 30-minute video report on your site's SEO, user experience, conversion rate optimization and competitors. I will show you what you need to fix or focus on to immediatly increase traffic and sales. A single suggestion could be worth 10s of thousands of dollars. I have one condition, your company must be making 10 million in sales anually.