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Search Engine Optimization Consulting

Where there’s a search demand, there’s search traffic so LET’S MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR FAIR SHARE! And that’s precisely what Digital Marketing Fuel will help you do. We pride ourselves on consistently ranking our clients on the first page of Google using search engine optimization consulting practices that work, and will not get you penalized. No cookie cutter approach here. We take the time to get to know your business and what makes you money.   We listen when you describe the search marketing results you’ve produced, and the SEO roadblocks you’ve run up against. Our objective is to identify how you can build on those SEO efforts, increase your web rankings and optimize your traffic generation. Only then do we consult on the best search engine strategy that delivers a clear roadmap to attract more valuable web visitors, and the reports to prove it.

We build strategies that find valuable customers and improve your search engine optimization

  • Leverage 15+ years of search engine optimization consulting (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM, PPC).
  • Evaluate your site’s assets and team’s skills.
  • Identify the low hanging fruit, like fixing simple coding mistakes creating duplicate content.
  • Develop Valuable Keywords that provide high quality visitors that contribute to your search KPIs.
  • Promote your most valuable content in search engines so you can drive more search traffic.
  • Deliver an actionable SEO monthly report comparing you and your competitor’s search engine rankings.

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Get affordable SEO and the boost you need to rank in search engines and increase your KPIs and Web Visitor Targets.

$299 Website Assessment

This is a one time 30-minute video report on your site's SEO, user experience, conversion rate optimization, and competitors. I will show you what needs to be fixed or show you what you should focus on to rank and increase traffic and sales. This is the 80/20 report of a comparable service worth thousands of dollars.