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Technical Website Audit

What you don’t know might be hurting your site, so sign up for a DETAILED HUMAN WEBSITE AUDIT.  Digital Marketing Fuel starts with a technical website audit.  Think of it as a check-up and diagnosis.  Site audits are even more important after a site relaunch or after years of bolting on new features.  Audits can uncover some very interesting barriers to digital success.  It’s impossible to rank highly if your site has a technical issue. We pride ourselves on our human analysis of the reports to help you get to the first page of Google and increase conversions using best practices that work.

Developers and CRM systems do things differently.  There are certain fundamentals and very important technical requirements that are often ignored in the website design and construction phase.  Google thinks building healthy websites is so important they created a suite of tools originally called Webmaster Tools to give basic warnings about your website’s “health”.

There are many types of website audits: Site Health Audits, Conversion Optimization Audits, Google Penalty and Recovery Audits, Security Audits, and more, but the one we suggest all sites conduct yearly is a Website Health Audit.  If this audit uncovers unidentifiable issues only then you should consider one of the others, you should not jump to the conclusion that you have been hit by a penalty.

We provide a thorough human analysis of your company website to determine potential issues that could impact the performance of your website KPIs. Our audit service focuses on analyzing your website using a number of tools and best practices from various points of view including a search engine optimization perspective, a usability perspective, and a path to conversion perspective.

Only then do we create a web audit report that delivers a clear action plan. Your audit will contain a summary and analysis that helps you understand where your site stands, what the issues are, and what your points of action should be.  Each item reviewed that needs attention will include a recommendation with a priority ranking and difficulty rating.

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Get a technical website audit and get the help you need to get indexed and rank in Google to increase website traffic visitors and goals.